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Hero Ai Accelerator (1)

Get value from generative AI faster

A structured approach to driving tangible value for your business using generative AI

As a forward-thinking business, we consistently embrace cutting-edge technology to not only deliver value for our clients and partners but furthermore, to create a suite of tools that accelerate the implementation of this value within their organisations.

This focus more recently, has led us to our ‘Generative AI Accelerator.’ As a unique combination of frameworks and tools, this programme is a safe and pragmatic foundation for developing not only what is possible for the business but what is valuable to them too.

Led by Hamilton Jones, our Head of Strategy and Transformation, alongside Tim Fletcher, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), we have already partnered with a number of clients to help determine where generative AI can, and should, be harnessed for the greatest impact.

Our Approach – Frameworks and Toolkits

Our process is a four-week programme we are extending to those who are keen to learn more about the space and explore use cases that can create new value.

This allows clients to:

  • Work collaboratively to identify valuable use cases to explore
  • Conduct safe experiments in our secure ‘AI Sandbox’
  • Roadmap the outputs and outcomes into a value-based journey of continued exploration

Ready to get started?

Check out our recent ‘Generative AI: Should I wait, jump in or follow?’ event in Sydney where we unpacked how the Deepend Group has been implementing AI, as well as tools and tips to successfully integrate and fast-track use.

customer service data

Make use of previously unused customer service data to drive new value

brand context

Provide brand context and tone of voice to content for better delivery of messaging

Accelerate synthesis

Accelerate synthesis and analysis of text-based data to enable faster decision making