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To celebrate 20 years in market, Deepend Group has launched ReGr()up – a PODCAST series which takes a deep-dive into the key challenges facing some of Australia’s most important industries in 2020 and more specifically, how we can navigate through these.

Following on from our first podcast with Dr Joanna McMillan, Deepend Group continues the deep dive into Health & Wellness with Dr Amandeep Hansra.

Dr Amandeep has been practising as a GP for 17 years with interests in travel medicine, women's health, chronic disease management and mental health. As well as being a leading expert in digital health and telehealth services in Australia.

Matt Whale, Head of Innovation for Deepend Group and MD of How To Impact, delves into digital health with Dr Amandeep, covering topics:

  • Challenges in driving patient-centricity in healthcare
  • Speed of adoption
  • Pandemic changes patient centricity through digital technologies
  • Barriers within Healthcare system
  • Overcoming challenges - fundamental aversion to risk, bureacracy in testing, funding and economic viability
  • Insights into changes over the past 2-3 months (COVID-19)
  • The impact on healthcare workers
  • Benefits of digital technologies, outcomes and efficiencies
  • Finding the balance - "the sweet spot"
  • Telehealth and the pro's and con's of digitalizing patient care
  • Impact for GP's
  • Finding an integrated approach to ensure innovation continues

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