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Designing World Class Student Experiences

Deepend has a long history of delivering effective digital student experiences within the Australian education sector

Understanding the unique motivations of students and parents alike is key to attracting and converting leads in today's competitive Education Market.

Factoring these motivations into the development of a suitable digital ecosystem is the key to nurturing and driving success. Modern students are highly digitally literate, and are moving towards more personalised, collaborative and integrated learning experiences. In order to cater for this evolution, agencies require experience across a range of digital channels and an appreciation of how to successfully transition students from one channel to another.

Deepend has gained considerable experience in the Education sector, having worked with some of the leading providers in the country – From Sitecore platform development for leading tertiary provider The College of Law, Paid Media Acquisition strategies for Charles Darwin University to full research and immersion with Navitas to map their students full customer journey and isolate points for improvement and development.

Case Study - Navitas

Navitas provides ‘pathway’ programs for students to enter the established higher education system by fast-tracking their learning in smaller, more focused groups. These pathways are provided to both domestic and international students for higher education destinations here in Australia as well as the UK, USA and Canada.

Engaged as their Digital Customer Experience (DCX) partner, our team set about understanding the complexities of the organisation and the subtle nuances of the student cohort through an initial, multi-college design research phase. This included data analysis, 1-on-1 interviews and an ethnography study that uncovered key student insights and touchpoints around which to ideate.

Case Study - Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is one of the countries longest service educational establishments and, as the main university for the Northern Territory, it has always found competing for both domestic and international student challenging, not for the quality of it’s product, but driven by its location.

We started working together a number of years ago and since that time have helped the business increase its student intake through careful and considered strategic design of communications and acquisition practises across a range of digital channels and for all aspects of the university.

Case Study - College of Law

The College of Law is the school of professional practice for lawyers in Australia and New Zealand, servicing over 4,000 students annually, making them the leader in legal education and training for professional practice across Australasia.

Increased competition in the number of colleges offering similar services, as well as a plan to expand into the Asian market, saw the college looking to overhaul their online business model, with a goal of providing a far more tailored product and service offering.

Our History

25 Years 
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We are the most established digital experience and product development consultancy in the country. We help companies make the most of technology-fueled change by understanding human need and balancing it with deep technical capability - solving problems that create Positive Change.

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