Royal Flying Doctors

Best-in-class technical expertise empowers one of Australia’s leading medical organisations

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations. The non-profit fields a fleet of fully equipped air ambulances providing medical services covering the vast Australian Outback.

The RFDS invested in an on-site Visitor Experience adjacent to its headquarters in Dubbo. The tourist attraction employs dozens of local residents and is projected to attract more than 40,000 visitors per year. With tourism playing an increasingly vital role in funding the RFDS’ medical efforts, the RFDS decided it was time to develop a state-of-the-art Experience Centre website.

Deepend played a critical role in providing guidance and technical expertise towards making the RFDS site a success. This challenging project showcases some of Deepend’s greatest strengths in flexible development and positive change by design.

This is a fantastic showcase for what we can achieve partnering with the right agency and having a great team of people; thank you all for your ongoing motivation!

Christine - RFDS Transformation Manager  

The Challenge: Bringing a Rich Tradition to Life

The RFDS Visitor Experience is an impressive multimedia attraction that uses incredible imagery to highlight the organisation’s rich history and valuable work. From the outset, it was clear that the organisation’s website would have to bring the same level of excitement and intrigue to its visitors.

We worked in close partnership with the RFDS team, prioritising creative agility so that we could identify the approach that would maximise the project’s outcomes. The Visitor Experience website had to showcase the RFDS visitor centre while also encouraging the public donations upon which the organisation relies.

We devised an operating framework that allowed the development team to communicate all of these messages to website visitors. Our approach was two-fold: we focused on empathising with the visitor while advancing the goals and priorities of RFDS stakeholders.

Persons on Royal Flying Doctor website

Developing and deploying a comprehensive digital platform

The RFDS needed a digital platform that would showcase its services while adhering to the organisation’s comprehensive approach to medical service delivery.

Forward-thinking for future-proof adaptability

We knew the RFDS website would have to accommodate the organisation’s future needs. Our team built a digital solution that could be reworked for a variety of purposes without requiring an expensive, time-consuming website rebuild.

Precision messaging for multiple RFDS user types

The team identified how patients, tourists, doctors, and donors would interact with the website, crafting a digital solution that addresses the needs of each unique user category.

Toy Wooden Royal Flying Doctor Aircraft

Ticketing, merchandising, and donation solutions

The RFDS needed a flexible, reliable digital solution for selling tickets, branded merchandise and capture donations to continue its important medical mission.

Royal Flying Doctor interactive learning space

Media-rich web content

The RFDS visitor experience uses powerful imagery and media to tell the 80-year story of its mission. Deepend devised aesthetic, quick-loading methods to prepare website visitors for the on-site Visitor Experience.

Screen grab of the Royal Flying Doctor Website

Modular components for endless structural combinations

The RFDS required a web solution that doesn’t rely on rigid template structures. We built the site with modularity to ensure the RFDS can create various content combinations and easily freshen up pages. This also meant by adding a single module, RFDS can update the feel of the website at any time, saving time and money. 

In-depth reporting

We used comprehensive reporting techniques to understand where people are coming from and to identify the content they engage with in order to optimise conversions and ticket sales.

Market research

We analysed multiple channels and identified the main drivers of the tourism market in Dubbo. This enabled the team to target the appropriate audience with data-driven media.

Analytics and Tracking

Deepend technology is designed for continuous improvement. Comprehensive tracking solutions ensure that the Royal Flying Doctors are well-positioned to capitalise on customer retargeting while remaining agile enough to address future tourism trends in the local market.

Awards Listing

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Website Design and Development Winner 2022

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