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Future Forward Financial Services

Shaping digital products and experiences for the financial services sector.

With technology shifting customer experience at a rate never seen before, shaping future forward, customer-centric digital products and services is key to success in the financial services sector. 

By prioritising the customer at the core of your product and service development, financial institutions can build trust, loyalty and long term relationships that are key to success and growth.

With a focus on security and efficiency, the infrastructure that underpins these products and experiences also provides firms with huge opportunities for cost reductions and operational efficiencies. Automating processes such as account creation or loan applications can streamline operations, reduce manual errors and decrease administrative overhead.

Finally, ensuring data capture and analysis at their core, the right digital products can provide a wealth of valuable customer data points from which to further personalize and optimize the services and information provided to customers.

Deepend have a long history of leveraging our experience in these 3 key areas for a number of respected Financial Services brands, including Teachers Health, Active Super, CBA, Westpac, Westfund Health Insurance and more. We have driven results and returns, in some cases doubling online revenue, and reducing infrastructure costs by more than 30%. Ultimately, by embracing customer centricity in shaping solutions for these partners, we have assisted in enhancing customer satisfaction, fostering innovation, and driving significant business growth for our key partners.


Unlocking Transformative Moments in the Financial Services Sector

We were incredibly fortunate to hear from some seasoned leaders in the Financial Services sector, and have them provide us with insights, learnings and constructive reflections on some of the key moments in their collective transformations over the past year. A well balanced group saw us gain insight into structural, process and technological strategies, around which to focus transformation efforts, with some candid admissions and reflections from our esteemed panel.

Andy Weir– CIO Heritage and People’s Choice

Andy Weir – CIO Heritage and People’s Choice

“There is no point in taking too long to implement change. Trying to be perfect and taking too long to implement Transformation creates anxiety”

Greg McKenna – CEO Police Bank

Greg McKenna – CEO Police Bank

“Healthy professional skepticism is key – One of our key messages is that day one is just that. Its not the end, but the beginning of a journey of continuous improvement”

Brendan Doggett – Country Manager Sharesies

Brendan Doggett – Country Manager Sharesies

“Risk quite often also equals reward – It's not always a negative thing, as long as you have a handle on how to handle it sensibly”

Checkout the full session recording below

To book an appointment with one of our consultants, please send us your name and email.

To book an appointment with one of our consultants, please send us your name and email.

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