Technical Development Deepend Capabilities

Technical Development & Infrastructure

Maintaining and improving your valuable digital assets

Applications change fast. Reassuringly, we change content, configurations, styles and add new functionality to meet the on-going demand of our clients and internal teams.

The platforms, frameworks and processes that we use to build and deploy them such as Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) also changing constantly to make them more secure, more robust and to keep up with the demand of the latest browsers and devices

On top of the application we also have third party integrations and the environments used to host them. This connected web has to be maintained to a certain standard to ensure applications are performance optimised. 

A technical audit prints a clear picture of the current estate of the application - creating a roadmap of high, medium and low priority updates that need to be done to make sure that all the parts of the application are up to date. This means there's no technical bottleneck and we can meet the demands of ever evolving clients. 

Technical Development Deepend Capabilities

Working with ARN, we discovered a highly inefficient workflow currently used for online producers. By developing a content publishing workflow that delegated responsibility across their producer team, we were able to help ARN to publish and syndicate far more content to their websites using a much smaller Producer team. The outcomes generated a 480% increase in year on year unique browser visits and a 280% increase in page views.

A technical audit prints a clear picture of the current estate of the application creating a roadmap of high, medium and low updates that need to be done to make sure the all the parts of the application are up to date so technical issues don’t become a bottleneck to meet the demands of your ever evolving clients.

At the core to this initial engagement with ARN was our Technical Development & Infrastructure Audit, the perfect first step in understanding and shaping a structured response to improving and optimising their technology footprint.

Our Technical Development & Infrastructure Audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success

Our Technical audits cover all parts of an application and associated infrastructure including:

The Source Code

Based on the language we look for coding signals like duplicated code, long methods and dead code.

Hosting & Infrastructure

Check for network configurations, backup management, server updates and hardware and software failures

Framework & CMS Customisation

Each CMS and framework have their own set of best practises, we look for things like Sitecore Helix and smaller more common items like inconsistent naming conventions, use of field names and descriptions


We scan and audit for common configuration vulnerabilities in the different platforms like custom errors, excessive headers, secure cookies

Application Performance

We run the application through our tools to scan for performance bottlenecks

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We are the most established digital experience and product development consultancy in the country. We help companies make the most of technology-fueled change by understanding human need and balancing it with deep technical capability - solving problems that create Positive Change.

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