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How St Vincent’s Health Australia put the end-user at the heart of their digital experience

St Vincent’s Health Australia is the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider. They operate public and private hospitals, aged care facilities and co-located research institutes. St Vincent’s is regarded as a clinical and education leader with a national and international reputation in medical research.

Over the last 5 years, the general public has increasingly rejected private health insurance. This coupled with increased living expenses, in general, have created an environment of moderate to low growth for the private health sector. In order to strengthen their position as a leader in research, innovation and patient experience excellence, St Vincent’s Health Australia are currently undertaking a range of projects to ensure continued and positive growth.

A critical component of this programme of work is the consolidation of SVHA's network of 10 private hospital websites, currently comprising over 1,300 individual pieces of content, into a single and coherent 'hero' site.

Building a Patient-First Digital Solution

With a focus on patients as the end-user, we interviewed 12 patients and their supporters. But we didn’t just speak to patients themselves. We undertook parallel explorations with a cross-section of stakeholders across the care ecosystem, including; GPs, Practice Managers, Hospital Administration and Patient Support staff. These adjacent perspectives shone a light on a number of challenges patients hadn’t even recognised themselves and unlocked a raft of opportunities to improve the patient experience by tackling key blind-spots - where patients don’t even know what they don’t know.

How St Vincent’s Health Australia put the end-user at the heart of their digital experience

Accelerating Early Hunches

We started with a ‘Hunch Explosion’ phase: encompassing an audit of all historical research, and a series of cross-functional exploration sessions.

This allowed us to accelerate our thinking, extract and synthesise the rich insights already scattered across the organisation whilst simultaneously elevating critical, ‘must answer’ questions and hypotheses that would produce the biggest impact for the broader project.

Building an inclusive Cohort of End-Users

We dived into the existing data to identify the most critical patient profile and variables. These quantified insights allowed us to prioritise our efforts in-field and ensured that we developed an inclusive end-user cohort that genuinely represented the diversity of St Vincent’s patients across; Age, Mindset, Condition and Geography.

A 360 Deep Dive into the world of the Patient

We met patients in their world – developing stronger relationships and setting an informal relaxed tone which allowed us to dig deeper and uncover fresh, meaningful insights rapidly in a highly sensitive and emotion-laden topic area.

The Outcome

Findings from the research deep-dive enabled strategic prioritisation of efforts across platform design and content development – ensuring that investment in the go-forward solution delivered meaningful impact in the lives of St Vincent’s end-user.

A critical outcome resulted in the elevation of one Lead Archetype as the centre of gravity for MVP design – for whom an overhauled digital experience could make the biggest incremental improvement across both experience and health outcomes.

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