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Celebrating the human mind, with a unique brand experience that doubled sales

Generally, Australians understand the value of maintaining physical health. However, when it comes to the mind and cognitive faculties, it is an area that is much less understood and surprisingly less valued.

Working in partnership with SFI (Flordis) we needed to raise awareness of cognitive health and promote their natural health product KeenMind through an integrated campaign and explore broadly how we might make people more open to understanding and engaging with mental health and cognitive health supplements.

To do this, we needed to shine a spotlight on our minds’ daily activity, and how we can all help improve alertness, concentration, memory, and learning retention. The goal was to demonstrate the momentum of the mind in real time without alienating audiences in tech data and scientific jargon. It needed to be visual, creative and immediately informative.

Our research showed that when considering the ‘need state,’ age was not the leading indicator of purchase and that all competitor products were delivering a scientific/functional benefit message – leaving a white space for us to play in i.e. the everyday. The research also revealed 78% of the population believed they were not tapping into the full potential of their mind daily which also led us to expand the opportunity space to a broader demographic that would not have immediately have been considered.

"We were able to help people understand a complex need in assisting with cognitive health through the creative deployment of some very interesting technology, that help contextualise what was needed."

Michael Alyard  - Marketing Director, Flordis

We needed to get people excited and talking about brain health, like they do with physical exercise. We focused on tapping into the emotional benefits, developing the ‘Love Your Mind’ creative platform to demonstrate how KeenMind can help support cognitive health.

‘Love Your Mind’ was about turning KeenMind into a champion for cognitive health and leveraging the intense interest in wellbeing and guiding the conversation towards brain fitness. The idea is about more than just selling the benefits of a product, it’s about inspiring and educating people about the potential of the mind. It’s a platform that allows KeenMind to embrace all the positive stories, as well as a powerful movement and call to action, encouraging everyone to learn about how essential it is to love your mind.

The following demonstrates how technically integrated creative helped shape the
successful delivery of the Flordis KeenMind campaign.
Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Navigating Narrative Through Tech

We were able to find a way to help people understand the story of cognitive health through the creation of a visual platform that mapped individuals' brainwaves creating unique pieces of artwork.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

A Reason to Connect

The unique artwork gave people a reason to connect and learn. This created an exclusive experience and story that was leveraged across paid, owned and earned media.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Making Things People Love

In a category struggling to expand, we helped drive a creative outcome that connected with people emotionally, differentiating the brand, leading to direct sales improvements.

Technology and engineering on KeenMind really pushed the boundaries of what's
possible with human/computer interfaces.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Creative Tech to Tell a Story

Using EEG headset technology, we demonstrated in real time the power of the mind, to help reframe cognitive health.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

The "Brain Art" Platform

We created the KeenMind Brain Art Software (KeMBAS), a tool for artistically interpreting brain activity as a unique “fingerprint” of a person’s mind. 

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Observe, Analyse, Interpret

The software draws on a suite of tools to first observe, analyse and then visualise live EEG data.

Creative Technology

Creative Tech to Demonstrate Advantage

To present some context to the changing visual state, the KeenMind Brain Art Software is calibrated to the subject’s mental state.

With focused consumer insights that drove media choice targeting behaviours and specific actions we were able to achieve significant lifts in sales.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Spread the Word

We developed assets that supported the ‘Love Your Mind’ platform with key messages across multiple channels including Adwords, Facebook, YouTube and Outbrain. This was targeted across three key identified audiences based on their lifestyle choices, rather than age state.

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

A Media Experience Like Never Before

We organised one-on-one interviews with the media, providing a greater explanation of the 'Love Your Mind' activation, allowing them to experience the wonders of their mind and create beautiful art

Deepend Flordis Natural Medicines

Driving Change Strategically

Sequential message retargeting, educating customers with a deeper, more scientific story behind KeenMind and its benefits.


79% increase in sales

It worked. We drove a 79% increase in sales for KeenMind as a product off the back of the campaign period. (AZTEC Data)

95% of target reached

We reached 5 million (95% of our target) through strategic targeting. Clever media optimisation use saw us reach our audience effectively and fast.

Out performing with a lower budget

Out performed previous campaign activity with a budget 30% smaller.

Featured in mass media

Featured in mass media (Inc. TODAY). We got personalities to pick up and play with the tech, driving greater credibility and reach.


Amy Awards

Best Website or Online Service (Health & Wellbeing)


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