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Recent Event: Practical Strategies for Sustainability Social Impact and Business Growth

22 March 2024 — Amanda Borosak
Recent Event: Practical Strategies for Sustainability Social Impact and Business Growth

We were incredibly fortunate to hear from leaders who have broken paradigms to amplify and accelerate social change through Systems Thinking, Technology and Communications strategy in the context of today’s challenges in this space.

From a range of industries, they provided us with valuable insights, learnings and constructive reflections on some of the key moments in their transformations over the past year.

Meet Our Speakers

Speaker 01 222X184
Dr Matthew Vickers

Clinical Director at Eucalyptus

Speaker 02 222X184
Jackie Hallan

Interim CEO at ReachOut

Speaker 03 222X184
Todd McHenry

Head of Communications at MCi Carbon

Speaker 04 222X184
Simon Byrnes

Former Chief Commercial Officer at Port of Newcastle

Key Takeouts - Moving from insights to practice.

In an era defined by a 'polycrisis' of interconnected challenges, the insights from leaders at ReachOut, Eucalyptus, Port of Newcastle, and MCi Carbon illuminate a path forward for sustainable impact:

Lesson 1: Invest in infrastructure for experimentation.

In practice: use design sprints, prototyping and pilots to accelerate learnings, linking activity to a social impact framework to measure success.

Lesson 2: Challenge assumptions with an outsider’s perspective.

In practice: engage with a range of diverse perspectives outside of your sector, starting with desired outcomes and working backward to explore alternative approaches.

Lesson 3: Let go of control for cross-sector collaboration.

In practice: use shared goals to coordinate efforts, while creating enough flexibility for collaborators to learn and adapt their approach.

Lesson 4: Hold back your story until it’s ready to ignite.

In practice: focus your efforts on creating significant progress before galvanizing others, craft your narrative to make technical concepts understandable and relatable.

Each lesson reveals a glimpse of hope in the monumental tasks of climate change and health crises. Despite the daunting scale of global issues, dedicated collective action, rooted in shared goals, can forge sustainable impact. As we face the complexities of 2024 and beyond, these lessons serve as practical strategies to shape a resilient, equitable, and sustainable future for Australia and the world.


To learn more about Practical Strategies for Sustainable Social Impact and Business Growth, watch the webinar below:

Amanda Borosak

Amanda Borosak

Senior Producer