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Healthcare Innovation: Rush Slowly or Get On The Buzzer

4 March 2020 — Matt Whale
Healthcare Innovation: Rush Slowly or Get On The Buzzer

We are always proud of what our partners are doing over at How to Impact. Recently, HTI's Managing Director, Matt Whale, released a two-part article on innovation in the healthcare system titled 'Rush Slowly'. Just another example of the knowledge and expertise we have within the Deepend Group working across a diverse array of projects in healthcare.

The healthcare industry is a big beast and innovation news is dominated by new pharmaceutical and clinical breakthroughs that take years to develop due to the need for due diligence and governance (the average pharmaceutical product development cycle is 10 years). Yet the healthcare industry is under pressure to develop more patient-centric services, evolve its service culture and adopt the same agile methodologies that drive transformation in financial services, tech, and the start-up economy.

The first of the two thought-pieces focuses on the innate tensions of balancing speed and rigor in healthcare innovation.

The second explains mindsets to help you innovate in healthcare (without harming anyone) .