Umbraco leads rivals in new G2 CMS report Deepend

Leading peer-to-peer software reviewer G2 has named Umbraco a leader in the CMS category. G2 surveys users to learn more about their experiences and ranks content management systems across a range of dimensions in order to help businesses select the right platform for their needs.

While there are many content management systems on the market today, a few stand out from the rest. Umbraco, Sitecore, Optimizely, Kentico, Progress Sitefinity, and Contentful are generally in the consideration set for businesses that are looking for a new CMS. Umbraco has again rated very well - let’s take a look at the findings to see how they measure up.

Umbraco topped the rankings in an outstanding 15 categories, including ease of set up, ease of content authoring, ease of customisation and image management functionality. Users reported that they generally see a return on investment with Umbraco within 15 months, which is less than half the time of some other platforms. Let’s take a look at how Umbraco stacks up against its competitors in closer detail.

Umbraco ranked higher than Optimisely across all rating categories. Notable wins for Umbraco between the two include ease of setup, and user community. Average go-live time and average time to ROI are also shorter with Umbraco, with more than three-quarters of users achieving a full implementation in six months or less.

Umbraco also ranked higher than Progress Sitefinity across all rating categories. Umbraco has a stronger user community (which can prove valuable in troubleshooting and maximizing each platform’s features), APIs and integrations, and flexible navigation structures, all of which tie back to the user experience.

Umbraco compared favourably to Sitecore based on user feedback. Most notably, ROI was achieved faster on Umbraco, and time to go-live was shorter.

Kentico is a strong contender in the CMS space, and marginally outperforms Umbraco in a few categories including ease of API integration, user management and internationalisation. Umbraco however has the upper hand in a number of areas, including average time to ROI, and average go-live time.

Finally, while Contentful didn’t receive enough reviews to do an in-depth comparison, Contentful and Umbraco are neck-and-neck for enterprise scalability, automated publishing and image management. Umbraco maintains the edge in most of the remaining categories.

Deepend remains technology agnostic - we believe in using the right tool for the situation. Umbraco continues to impress however, and so we continue to invest in our capabilities on the platform.

Contact us to learn more about how we leverage Umbraco to create industry-leading web experiences.

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