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Positive Change through Data Analytics and Media

Building ongoing, customer-led improvement that drives positive change through evidence based outcomes.

Data is at the heart of decision making. To drive data-driven actions we strive to be able to ask the same questions of the data as we would a human. At Deepend it’s our job to make this happen.

A website or a creative campaign are only as good as the impact they have to the bottom-line or the insights they generate to effect positive change that delivers results. That requires the intelligent collection, analysis and interpretation of data to drive actions and outcomes.

We always look to balance system and human data to ensure we’re landing not just optimisation of existing data sets but also driving new insights.

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Our Approach to Data and Media

Not all data is equal.

We like making informed decisions that drive business outcomes.
We like simple. Because media and data can get complicated fast and it’s not always easy to see the wood for the trees.
We always derive insights from first hand research and analysis of client platforms and information to derive insights that can lead to strong outcomes.

1st Party Data

We work with you data(web logs, edm lists, sales information, geo info) to give unique insights and tactics.

2nd Party Data

We work with Publishers and can leverage their data to drive targeted comms.

3rd Party Data

We can leverage external data providers to drive better targeting as well

Our Data Team

Hamilton Jones | Deepend

"Digital makes us constantly explore how to leverage human and business needs against possibilities created by technology, it's always changing and always challenging"

Hamilton Jones - Head of Strategy

Nicholas Vargas | Deepend

"Channels are no longer silos and integration is key. Some rely on others to be in market before they themselves deliver results."

Nicolas Vargas - Performance Lead

Our Data Process

Whilst we can and do plan and buy media for our clients we always focus on unlocking the full power of the funnel with our Continuous Improvement services.

We like making informed decisions that drive business outcomes.

Drive media efficiencies which are governed by media data alone does half the job, we will always work to integrate first party data and insights to not only improve media efficiency but also drive on site conversions.

We don’t just lean on data gained though ones and zero’s we value design thinking and human validation learning just as much and will always balance data from systems with first hand data from people to drive truly significant change.

Continuous Improvement

Annual calendar of Continuous Improvement which is a blend of strategic ‘outside-in’ research to drive change and inside-out data to led analysis to drive incremental improvement and efficiency.

Media & Data Capabilities

We offer a range of services across media, data and analytics.

Data-Driven Personalisation

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)

Media Strategy and Planning

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Customer Immersions

Media Management & Optimisation

Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Qualitative Customer Research

Search (SEM/SEO)

Analytics Benchmarking & Tracking

Current State Analysis

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Continuous Optimisation

Customer Experience Roadmapping

Integrated Media Dashboard

Partners - Google

We are an official Google partner due to our experience and certifications across Google platform. This guarantees face-to-face support. Other benefits include;

Beta Access

Access to betas in AdWords and Analytics

Custom Research

Custom Google research specific to our clients

Account Manager

A dedicated account manager to assist

Google Suite

We work across Googles full suite of products to ensure we’re able to drive the right outcomes for your brand that deliver meaningful and impactful results.

google analytics

Google Analytics

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Google Data Studio

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Google Display and Video

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Google Search Ads

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Google Optimize

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Google Tag Manager

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Google Surveys

SoDA - Society of Digital Agencies

Remaining independent, we have a deep network of resources to leverage through our global SoDA affiliations and friends. (SoDA)

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