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St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

A new online home for Australia’s most respected Private Hospital Network

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

Building a consistent digital home for the future of St Vincent’s Private Hospitals

St Vincent's Private hospital network is a collection of 10 Private Hospitals, making it one of the largest providers of private healthcare in Australia. In 2020, SVHA embarked on a transformative journey with Deepend to amalgamate the Private Hospital Network into a single customer facing website, with a number of key goals.

“The team leveraged a strong, consistent brand across all of the SVHA assets. The website now showcases the group's local hospitals, services offering and a unique "Find a specialist" tool. The complex information across 10 sites was streamlined through research and CX analysis to take SVHA online into a scalable, and highly flexible solution."

Matt Griffin - CEO Deepend

Leveraging key insights from our initial Research and Ideation phase, we looked to build out the Network on a single platform that would create huge efficiencies for managing and deploying content and messaging for St Vincent’s. Furthermore, it would bring a consistency to the branding, customer experience and messaging used to represent the Hospitals. Corralling such a diverse group of locations under a single domain was not to be without its challenges:

The platform still needed to allow for each location to express its individual strengths, built up over considerable time and positioning each location in a specific manner. Also, the stakeholder management across such a distributed network of locations was also a significant challenge.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

The creative platform for the site is centred on the development of an atomic design system. Built out using the creative technology platform Zeplin. This provides a highly adaptable design system, allowing St Vincent’s a huge amount of flexibility for template layout. This allows considerable efficiencies for future work across projects for their Public Hospital and Aged Care Networks, as well as other internal projects.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

Having a flexible design system allows each Private Hospital location to maintain a measure of its own self, focussing on promoting the core strengths they have spent years building.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

The site platform is built using Kentico v12, catering to a number of key requirements including multi-tenancy, powerful analytics and marketing automation function (allowing the ability to engineer personalised journeys for key user segment over time), and a range of publishing workflows (to assist in distribution of workload for maintaining and updating the website content).

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

The is hosted within Microsoft Azure in Australian based cloud infrastructure, ensuring compliance with any local data sovereignty requirements.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

The component based architecture has already been leveraged for key developments across other St Vincent’s Health Australia Projects. This allows for up to 40% efficiencies in development and infrastructure setup times.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

Our initial research phase saw us interact with a range of end users and key stakeholders. These conversations yielded a wealth of key data points and insights from across the care ecosystem. From GPs to Hospital Administration staff, from Practice Managers to Patient Support Staff. These data points were the basis for key insights that shaped both the information architecture and content strategy.

Deepend St Vincent’s Private Hospital Network

Existing data-sets were used extensively to build out key user profiles. These quantifiable insights ensured we involved a relevant and inclusive cohort of test users, that was truly representative of the diversity of St Vincent’s patients.

Result Listing

Production Efficiencies

The site is envisaged to deliver significant efficiencies in both administration and timeliness of content publishing, allowing St Vincent’s to remain more current and relevant.

Streamlined Production

The extensibility of the technical infrastructure piece has already delivered efficiencies of around 40%, with regards to Production time allowance for future projects.

Balancing Lead Gen

Key to the ongoing success of the site will be ensuring the continued organic search performance of the platform, whilst balancing leads and traffic from a better balance of digital channels.