Virgin Active

One Year of Happiness

Virgin Active Media Spend Acquisition Model via Analytic Tools


We challenged Virgin Active to let us create a campaign that would ultimately provide them with a media spend attribution model for success. The One Year of Happiness high traffic campaign included end to end tracking; the goal was to measure and optimise the effectiveness of each media channel used in the path to purchase via web analytics tools and SEO analysis. The campaign collected comprehensive data on channel effectiveness and resulted in having both a holistic analysis tool and mechanic for future campaigns, as well as optimised media schedule, highly qualified leads and increased ROI. 


We created a campaign that drives users online regardless of the medium and implemented tracking that identified their entry point within Google Analytics. Redeeming the prize in the club means that we also captured additional data from the prospective clients.
We used:
  • Google Analytics (multi-channel tracking)
  • Tagging all online mediums with UTM tags
  • Tracking all non digital mediums with a unique competition code
  • Existing Virgin ‘Back-End’ Tracking & CRM data

Through the post campaign report, utilising database data, UTM tags and unique codes, we were able to identify the most effective channels that converted leads, the most cost-effective media channels based on ROI and information to optimise future media channels to reduce wastage. Additionally it gave Virgin Active a database of qualified leads, of which the conversion to sale could be tracked in-store. 


The campaign delivered results in 2 key areas: measurability and attribution as well as lead generation. We also gained a vast amount of insights.
We reached 1,900+ monthly competition entrants of which 81% were qualified leads (our KPI was 1,000 qualified leads per month). These entries were captured into the Virgin Active database, and formed a consistent backlog of 700+ leads beyond those that sales personnel are able to contact.

We provided a seamless data capture strategy that ensured we could evaluate success of offline media placements by the number of leads we delivered to Virgin Active sales team and ultimately sales in the health clubs. Not only has this enabled us and the client to fully evaluate success of the campaign with an ROI figure for the 1st time, it has also provided the insights the client needs to make better decisions in the future. 

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One Year of Happiness
our monthly qualified leads KPI by 90%