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Interactive game gets Victorian children fire ready


Deepend was approached by The Victorian Government to develop a campaign that would educate families living in high-risk bushfire areas on the importance of having a fire plan.

Despite the gruesome statistics proving the importance of a fire plan, 75% of homes in some of Australia’s most fire-prone areas still didn’t have one. The major challenge for Deepend was to create a highly engaging campaign that would help improve these startling consistent stats, ultimately encouraging behavioral change within households. 


Deepend’s insight was that while some of us can be apathetic when it comes to matters of our own safety, our attitude changes when it comes to our children.

We knew that if we really wanted to drive a behavioral change in householders, we had to get their children talking about fire safety too.
We decided to educate Grade 5 & 6 students from schools in high-risk areas, about the importance of a fire plan. We did this by sending out an educational animation game that was sent to more than 10,000 students, 3,000 which received it on a USB wristband that was packaged like a new toy. Once loaded, the game would ask kids one simple question: What would you want to keep safe from fires?
The kids could select their most cherished items and add them to a list, that once complete would crumple into a customizable character called ‘scrunchie’. The personalised ‘scrunchie’ could then be shared over email to their parents.
Parents could see what was most important to their children. And, in the same email, learn more about how fire safety could protect their family.


There’s only one word to describe the results from the ‘Keep it safe’ campaign; staggering.

We sent out a total of 3,000 USB wristbands. And more than half of them were powered up – with 1,816 ‘Scrunchies’ submitted to the competition to date.
Of the 1,816 Scrunchies sent by the kids, 1,707 were viewed by their parents. That’s a parent conversion rate of 94%!
Our KPI for website visits for the duration of the campaign was 10,000. We tripled that, hitting 38,622 visits.
Our unconventional approach has received unanimous praise across the board. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, the Department of Justice, teachers, parents and students all agree - this campaign promotes long-term behavioral change when it comes to fire safety.
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