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Hamilton Island Responsive Booking

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Hamilton Island’s outdated digital platforms were costing them direct sales. The site, which staff found cumbersome to maintain, was even more difficult for customers to use and resulted in low conversion and hence reduced revenue. We were engaged to develop a more robust solution that could be centrally managed and include a range of new features, including a vastly improved booking process in order to maximise conversions and revenue opportunities.


The solution delivered focussed around a responsive content publishing platform that pushed real-time content updates to a range of devices and on site facilities. Content is personalised dependent on which stage we deem customers to be at on their path to purchase. For example, users who are deemed to be close to conversion are presented with far more pricing and offer related cues in order to convert them to sale. Great efficiencies were also achieved in terms of content management, via the creation of a centralised content inventory, allowing content producers to re-use objects across a variety of channels once created. 


The project was founded on and developed around delivering on some core ROI objectives. Already we have seen the average purchase increase by 14.37% and cart abandonment reduced by 7.96%. Average time on site has increased to over 3 minutes, with overall conversion to purchase increasing by 75.63%, a great result for the client. We’ve had over 159,598 users in the first 3 weeks with return visitors up by 4%. Finally, internally time to manage the site content has halved since the launch. 

TRAVELtech 2014 Web Awards
Best New Website
Tourism or Travel
hamilton island best responsive and user experience travel, tourism and leisure website
75% increase
in conversions
hamilton island best responsive and user experience travel, tourism and leisure website