H100 - We Rememeber

History Channel campaign microsite for 100 years since WWI


Originally tasked with building a simple microsite for the H100 campaign, we realised the vast repositories of History Channel content regarding WWI lent itself to something far more groundbreaking. Our goal: Make History more attractive to a younger audience via a comprehensive, interactive platform. We centred this goal around the concept of an interactive timeline, supporting the campaign and honouring the centenary of WW1. 


We built the creative concept around the emotive premise: ‘Remembrance takes more than a minute’, looking to build a greater appreciation and understanding of those we lost during the war. An interactive timeline, allows users to immerse themselves in WW1 events at a macro level or zoom into individual days. By incorporating a huge archive of material, from video to audio exerts, the H100 site is now the go-to source for historical information regarding WW1, answering both an educational and entertainment need. 


Since launching the ‘We Remember’ campaign we’ve seen nearly 50% of visitors returning and spending almost 7 minutes on the site; the average session duration for all users is up 103%. Tablet users are up 115% with average duration on tablets up 35%. Demographics show that 61% of site users are between 18-34 years of age and over 45% are female highlighting that the design has appealed to a younger viewership of the channel. 

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h100 microsite development for history channel campaign
61% of site users
are between 18-34 yo
h100 microsite development for history channel campaign