Peters Ice Cream

Feast your eyes on Fandangles

A new website as tantalising as the icecream


Peters Ice Cream approached us with a top secret product that not only needed to launch in winter, but also required a grand execution. Our objective was to ensure that the new Fandangles ice cream’s tantalising in-store brand experience continued into the online portal, whilst still providing nutritional value and repeat purchase during the chilly wintertime. 
Fandangles come is 4 different flavours - Toffee Whoopie Cookie, Fairy Floss, ChocShmallow and Caramel Popcorn. With such flavoursome options we had to make sure the creative was just as colourful whilst still being visually friendly. 


Deepend created a website that utilised responsive and parallax website design, as well as a range of games. With a simple design that brings the product to the fore, the finished Fandangles website is clean and simple but colourful and fun for any audience including mums. 
Furthermore, as part of the product experience, once the ice cream is eaten the stick can be placed on the packaging in a pre-determined spot and a special 4–digit code is revealed which can then be used to unlock games online. The code unlocks custom games for each of the 4 flavours but there is also a game that all visitors to the site can play to encourage return visitors and further the brand experience. 


The new Fandangles website has been incredibly well received! Having only been live for a short while the site analytics are on the way and will surely be exciting. Peters Ice Cream is blown away with the final product and the overwhelmingly positive feedback that the website is getting. 

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incredibly well-received website