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Cooked Website Development


Hardie Grant publishers partnered with Deepend to create Cooked, a premium recipe subscription site drawing on Hardie Grant’s vast list of award winning food and wine books. 
Our challenge was to capture all the elements that go into your most treasured cookbooks and deliver an online experience that works seamlessly across all devices. The next challenge was how to best deliver the thousands of recipes available on Cooked in a paywall structured business model. 


Our first step was no small task - we set-up a digital database of all Hardie Grant’s cookbooks, populated with every book, author profile, image and glossary entry for every publication on their list. Cooked is constantly updated with new books and recipes, and the information from the database needed to automatically feed into the Sitecore platform
While the stunning imagery and editorial can be viewed by all users, full recipe content such as ingredients and method appears behind the paywall. All Cooked visitors are offered a 30 day free trial via Facebook connect or email sign-up to allow them to have the full Cooked experience before signing-up for a paid membership. 
Cooked is primarily personality and cookbook driven website. All content on the site relates back to the authors, whether in editorial, a blog post, a tweet, a recipe or a book product. Another key feature of Cooked is the curated collections, where both Cooked personalities like Maggie Beer and Cooked users can create and share their favourite books and recipes. 
And for those who can’t imagine not having a hard copy of their favourite cookbook in the kitchen, Cooked also provides a convenient bookselling and purchasing experience using e-commerce best practice. 


Cooked is the first example of commercialising cook book content online in Australia. The culinary community has embraced Cooked with gusto, with over 2000 sign-ups in its first week and strong book sales in the lead-up to Christmas. Cooked users already have access to thousands of quality recipes in one place, with more books and recipes being added everyday - it’s one to watch.  

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