The Royal Agricultural Society

The biggest celebration of the country, in the city

The 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show campaign


Research conducted following the 2013 Show suggested that the Australian public believed the Sydney Royal Easter Show had lost its way. The general perception was of a loss of core values, reflected in the belief that the Show had become too commercial and lacked authenticity.

In order to drive ticket sales, we knew we needed to create a shift in thinking and communicate a vision of the Show as a quintessential Australian experience, with a mix of tradition and exciting new things to see and do. 


Following the success of the 2013 campaign which invited people to immerse themselves in the multi-sensory experience of the Show, the 2014 campaign focused on evoking the vibrant traditions and sensations of the country.
Our strategy was based on the insight that the show is seen as the biggest celebration of the country in the city and that this unique territory enabled the Royal Agricultural Society to have a voice in a crowded events market. Our research suggested that the idea of celebrating the tradition of Australian people, practices and produce is a recognisable brand value for the RAS, and one that people identified with. 
To reflect this, we created a kaleidoscope of images which captured the sights, smells, tastes, textures and sounds of the country. This creative became the focal point of all content throughout an integrated, multi-channel marketing campaign which invited Show-goers to let their senses run wild and experience the best of the country in the city. 


The 2014 campaign has been a success with show attendance on-par with 2013, despite the Show falling in school holidays this year. Early bird ticket sales saw uplift from 11.3% in 2013 to 25% in 2014. There was a 20% increase in the number of online transactions, and the end to end conversion rate also increased by 2.3%.
Mobile has a big part to play in Facebook fan growth and performed well across paid media. 
Our social media strategy during the Show hit the mark, with a massive increase in both organic reach and engagement compared to 2013.  Engagement increased 204% to a daily average of 94.26%. During the Show period Fan Growth increased 15% to 8,787.  Over the Show period the Facebook fan base increased by 32% from the end of the Show last year.