Smooth 'Cruise Control' for P&O

Cruise Control | P&O


P&O’s outdated Cruise Personaliser app was soon to be decommissioned. It became evident that the UK managed app was difficult for customers to use with a large number of calls to the call center. P&O engaged us to create a new, more robust solution that could be managed by the local team and include a range of new features to facilitate a seamless check-in process and build excitement and confidence in the customer.  


Our team worked closely with P&O to scope a technical solution that addressed key business requirements, while providing a stable platform for future phases of development. 
Cruise Control was the result of that work and incorporated a number of new features including online payments, cruise schedule, and on-demand E-Ticketing - all with a vastly improved, responsive user experience. 
Through social sharing we were able to leverage the customer’s natural excitement for their impending holiday, as well as drive incremental revenue by raising the customer’s awareness of Cruising activities on the stable platform.



Calls to the call center have dropped significantly since the launch and our solution has been well received by both P&O and their customers. User engagement with the new site has been high, with over 320,000 customer interactions in the first month alone. After obtaining their ticket, 90% of customers are browsing through to view additional offerings, with a 30% conversion rate.