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In an era where content rules the digital landscape, managing it efficiently is a top priority for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Traditional Content Management Systems (CMS) have long been the go-to solution for creating, storing, and delivering digital content. However, in recent years, a new paradigm has emerged – the Headless CMS. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of a Headless CMS, discuss its advantages, and introduce you to Umbraco Headless, an innovative solution that embodies this approach. Additionally, we will explore real-world examples of successful Headless CMS implementations.

What is a Headless CMS?

A classic content management system (CMS) is composed of two parts; the content management application, which allows you to add and manage your content, and the content delivery application, which makes your content visible to your customers via a front-end (typically a web site).

Simply put, a Headless CMS is a content management system that focuses solely on content storage and management. It makes the content available through an API (Application Protocol Interface), which is a technology for 2 or more computer programs to talk to one another. This delivers two main benefits - Firstly, a single content repository can be used to deliver content to multiple applications. This could be multiple websites, a mobile app, or any other digital channel you choose. Secondly, it allows developers to use it on any frontend technology (ie. technology that creates the website or mobile application) they choose.

Advantages of a Headless CMS

There are a range of reasons why many organisations are selecting a headless platform for their CMS needs.

Flexibility: One of the most significant advantages of a Headless CMS is its flexibility. It empowers developers to design unique and immersive user experiences by providing complete control over the frontend. This flexibility extends to content delivery across a wide range of platforms, from websites to smartwatches.

Scalability: Headless systems are architected to handle high traffic and can seamlessly adapt to the growing needs of your digital presence. This scalability ensures a smooth user experience even during traffic spikes.

Improved User Experience: Headless CMS enables the delivery of consistent and personalised content across various devices, enhancing the overall user experience. It ensures that content is displayed optimally on each platform, leading to higher user engagement and satisfaction. 

Futureproofing: As technology evolves, so do the devices and platforms on which content is consumed. The decoupled nature of a headless CMS future-proofs your solution by allowing you to adapt and integrate with emerging technologies without undergoing a complete CMS overhaul.

Introducing Umbraco Headless

‘Heartcore’ is Umbraco’s headless offering. It is built on the solid foundation of Umbraco, which is known for its user-friendliness and flexibility, and offers businesses some compelling benefits:

  • Heartcore seamlessly integrates with existing Umbraco CMS installations, making it a natural choice if you are already using Umbraco. It enables you to transition to a Headless CMS approach without the need for a complete CMS migration.
  • It provides a user-friendly content modelling experience, allowing you to define and structure your content with less effort.
  • It leverages GraphQL, a query language for APIs, to deliver content. GraphQL APIs offer flexibility, speed, and efficiency, making it easier for developers to precisely fetch the data they need.
  • Ease of integration; Heartcore you can easily integrate with third-party services and applications, enhancing your digital experiences and streamlining workflows.
  • Multichannel Delivery: Deliver content to various channels and devices, including websites, mobile apps, and IoT devices, ensuring a consistent brand presence across all touchpoints.

As with any technology, you need to weigh up the pros and cons to decide if Heartcore is the right fit for your needs. Whilst headless CMS is a powerful architecture, the technical complexity and the need to support a different front-end technology means that some businesses requirements are better met with a standard CMS.

If you do want to take the headless path – Umbraco is a smart choice. Their commitment to innovation and the community-driven nature of the platform provide confidence in its continued growth and improvement.

Notable Examples of Successful Headless CMS Implementations

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA): The MCA in Sydney implemented a headless CMS to power its recently launched website. This allowed them to create a seamless digital experience for visitors and manage their diverse content, including exhibition details, artist information, and event listings. The headless CMS helped them maintain a modern and responsive website while providing flexibility in content presentation.

Qantas Airlines: Qantas, Australia's flagship airline, adopted a headless CMS to streamline its digital content management. They use it to manage their website, including flight information, booking functionality, and travel guides. This approach has enabled them to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and deliver an enhanced digital experience.

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service): SBS is a prominent Australian public broadcaster. They use a headless CMS to manage and deliver content across their website, mobile apps, and various digital platforms. This approach allows them to reach a wider audience with multilingual content and adaptive user experiences.


In today’s digital world, content is king. The flexible approach enabled by Headless CMS systems like Umbraco Heartcore is understandably gaining in popularity, and we predict that we’ll continue to see adoption grow as more business discover the benefits in scalability, adaptability and improved customer experience.

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