Mobile Deepend Capabilities

Leveraging Your Mobile & Tablet Applications

Focusing on the intersection of human behaviour, business requirements and technical capability

The mobile landscape has changed. Gone are the days of creating Apps for Apps sake and people have focussed on creating mobile first, responsive web platforms for distribution of content and experiences to people. But this doesn’t mean that Apps have gone the way of the dinosaur... 


The keys to creating a great mobile experience and choosing the most effective platform for its delivery is to properly interrogate the intersection of user behaviour, business requirements and technological feasibility. Finding that nexus allows you to truly create a product that matches audience context to business objectives.


Our mobile product ideation engagement is the perfect mechanism for exploring this intersection and developing the right mobile product strategy to ensure your success.

Mobile Deepend Capabilities

Working with The Red Cross, we were able to develop their 'Get Prepared' mobile application and help them deliver on one of their key goals for 2018 i.e. Save lives, build resilient communities and support people in disasters.

The application seeks to support people before, during and after any kind of emergency, motivating them to prepare and recover. Stakeholder and user exploration identified a range of insights around technology usage and motivators for action. The exploration also raised opportunities to drive engagement and tailor behavioural change.

Based on these insights, the application revolves around 3 key steps to emergency preparedness:

  • Take 5 – Take 5 minutes to begin the process of preparation for an emergency
  • Key 3 – Nominate your 3 key support people in case of an emergency
  • Emergency mode – Highlighting the key response and recovery options for Australian emergency situations

Our mobile and tablet application audit

Lay the strategic and structured groundwork for your success


Our mobile and tablet application audit will ensure that your mobile product is set up for success from inception through to delivery.


Summary of our Approach:

Initial Context Workshop

Development of a live brief in consultation with key stakeholders

Micro Roadmapping Exercise

Developing a picture of scale and costs for full development

Stakeholder / User Exploration

Developing insights to inform and validate the concept and scope

Ideation & Prototyping

Prototyping of solution using a range of techniques and outputs

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