Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of Healthcare

Humanising healthcare is key to meeting the industry’s challenges over the coming years.

The healthcare system is often described as “clinical”—and not in a good way. Far too many people see healthcare providers as rigid, impersonal, and ultimately untrustworthy. This image has a measurable impact on patient compliance, clinical outcomes, and public health.

However, digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in educating, empowering, and directing users to the appropriate services. Adopting a more human-centred approach is critical for the sector to grow beyond such negative perceptions.

Deepend has leveraged its history in digital experience and product design to provide leading solutions to some of the most important partners in the Australian healthcare system.

Our team has led the way for some of the industry’s most respected names, from integrated platform development for insurance providers such as Teachers Health to deep consumer research for leading private provider St Vincent’s Health Australia, and innovative e-commerce solutions for supplements manufacturer JBX.

At the heart of every one of these projects is an unwavering focus on the needs and habits of the user in shaping an improved customer experience.

Case Study - St Vincent’s Health Australia

As one of the leading providers of private healthcare services in Australia, St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) was looking to address moderate-to-low growth in demand for its services. Consumers are beginning to reject the high costs of private health insurance, and the increasingly aging population (driving demand for SVHA services) is placing considerable pressure on their business.

Deepend is working across a range of initiatives with SVHA, with initial phases geared around deep customer research to better understand the key audience segments of interest to SVHA and the key opportunities for digital customer experience improvement that they represent. These insights will be used to shape both the content strategy and interactivity developed across SVHA’s key digital experience platforms, as well as informing future works from a common base.

Case Study - Flordis Natural Medicines

Focussing and maintaining one’s mind and cognitive faculties is a surprisingly undervalued exercise for most people. Working in conjunction with Flordis, a manufacturer of Keenmind, a supplement aimed at assisting cognitive functioning, we sought to raise awareness of the importance of focussing on maintaining and improving one’s brain health.

‘Love your mind’ was the creative platform around which we shaped the Keenmind campaign, harnessing electromagnetic brainwave technology to project and map unique artworks for consumers. This served to educate the general public about the benefits of cognitive heath in a creative and entertaining way. The campaign generated significant PR and served to improve brand awareness and drive sales.

Case Study - SoundStorm

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is a government funded body that drives research to improve hearing health and rehabilitation. One of NAL's key research projects centred around Spatial Processing Disorder i.e. the inability to make use of the direction that sound is coming from. Their 10 week remediation programme was highly successful, but maintaining attendance at a remote audiologist’ office was becoming a barrier to its success.

Deepend partnered with NAL to extend the programme beyond the confines of the clinicians offices. We shaped a narrative around the 10 week programme and developed this within the construct of a tablet based game. The game features multi-layered reward mechanics, encouraging and driving participation for the duration of the course. More importantly, the reward mechanics are driven by the auditory training algorithm, adapting and progressing in line with each child's own level of improvement. The result is a highly engaging platform that delivers effective medical remediation in a more engaging gaming format.

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User Experience for Healthcare Providers



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