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History Will Be Kind

Become part of an award-winning PR Social Media Agency and join us to make History. At History Will Be Kind we believe “History will be kind for (we) intend to write it” (Churchill). As a team of creative and clever individuals we thrive on attitude and enthusiasm to deliver exceptional work for our clients.

The Vision

Your role as a Social Media Manager plays a critical role in supporting the future and long-term success of History Will Be Kind and more broadly the Deepend Group.

You will be responsible for the implementation of social media and paid social strategies to increase visibility, membership, sentiment and traffic across the brands that you work on.

Your job requirements, “sleeves rolled-up”, working hands-on to ensure that social media strategies the business creates are successfully delivered to client expectations and to measurable KPI’s. You’ll be comfortable working on various tracking, listening and scheduling tools and will be able to determine the best way forward through informed decisions based on these tools.

Overall Role

  • Implement client social media strategies, gathering audience insights, monitoring current online conversation, investigating existing social media strategies, evaluating competitor performance and participating/running creative brainstorms
  • Deliver content, communications and campaign strategies in line with client objectives through the appropriate social media channels
  • Creating thumb stopping content is at your core and you live and breathe polished, best in class creative.
  • Coordinate and brief creatives / photographers / videographers to execute campaigns, including running shoots, overseeing the creative process and delivering the final product to the client
  • Develop paid social campaigns and media strategies
  • Work with clients to educate on paid social and manage key client relationships
  • Manage clients’ social communities, including responding to queries & liaising with client consumer relations
  • Reporting, including KPI’s, benchmarking, audience feedback, monitoring engagement & response to content and paid social strategies
  • Manage social media advertising spend, set up, targeting, management/optimization and reporting
  • Monitor trends in social media tools and applications and appropriately applying that knowledge to increase the use of such tools within the business
  • Experimenting with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities
  • Identifying ways to utilise emerging technologies in the social space
  • Ensuring integration with other appropriate teams and partners within and outside of the business
  • Work in line with broader Group Analytics & Insights team on creating best practice, develop additional business in this space and educate both internally and externally re performance and paid media
  • Coordinate and resource out of hours events, Facebook live or other events that require live coverage and social media management

Client Leadership

  • Focus on industry best practice of client feedback, client counsel, industry leading idea generation & implementation and client support
  • Take appropriate action to communicate to clients about the social media landscape
  • Utilise clear communications and marketing tools to ensure the best results for clients

Performance Leadership

  • Take responsibility for the implementation and the maintenance of, existing and new client social media programs
  • Work in conjunction with agency management team and senior leadership in the development and implementation of social media strategies in line with business opportunities in the local market
  • Work in conjunction with agency management team to instil design thinking and social media best practise into key existing client campaigns.

Market Leadership

  • Take an active part in appropriate professional business and digital organisations in your industry
  • Continue to actively participate in a wide variety of social media activities such as blogging, community development and management, social bookmarking, commenting, etc and be well connected with the broader social media network

Performance Management

  • You will be working as a key player in the growing History Will Be Kind team, while integrating effectively with the broader Account Service/Design/Technology/Innovation team within the Deepend Group
  • You will be working in collaboration with our core agency group, Deepend, Nomad and How to Impact
  • Your role reports directly with the Head of Digital and Strategy Director. You will work with them to plan and set your short, medium and long term targets


  • “I love the idea of creating ideas that solve business problems – I have an entrepreneurial spirit”
  • ‘I believe in integration and the benefits it can bring to both client outcomes and team learning’
  • “Give me a problem, and I’ll show you an opportunity”
  • “I’m genuinely a people-person. I love listening to what people have to say and helping them work through their issues.”
  • “I take pride in holding a position of authoritative and senior counsel with my clients, my team and my industry”
  • “I believe in leadership, not management – I love inspiring others to do the best work of their lives”
  • “I take ownership of my own success through the growth and direction of the team and business unit”
  • “I’m passionate about creating the best outcomes for our clients and the HWKB brand, working in close collaboration with Deepend and other Group Companies”
  • “I live and breathe PR/communications/social media/technology and believe in its power to shape all areas of business”
  • “I love reading various online and print publications to stay current with the industry, clients and trends”

Position Path

Social Media Manager>Senior Social Media Manager > Social Media & Content Strategist > Social Media & Content Director > Group Social & Content Strategy Director

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