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The Vision

Technical development and innovation are at the heart of Deepend’s innovative, design-led service offering. Our growing team needs technical leadership of the highest calibre to capture our clients’ imaginations and deliver world-class solutions.

We are looking to hire a frontend engineer role providing insight and vision, strategy and planning, dedication and dependability in all technical aspects of the operation of the business.


The aim of this role is to add a superior level of frontend technical leadership across Deepend’s development projects.

The Frontend Engineer will work alongside a Project Manager/Producer to ensure that sophisticated technical solutions are correctly scoped, planned, costed and delivered within client budgets and to the world-class standard that is expected from Deepend.

This is a multi-faceted role that will require varying types of inputs (researcher/architect/developer/evangelist) at different stages of the sales and development process. These inputs are likely to vary dramatically from project to project and knowing what is required and when it is needed will be a key skill that you will develop in this role over time and as your experience within the role grows.

You will be responsible for the frontend technical production of projects allocated to you, for both the team of developers and the SDLC they implement. They will look to you for guidance and leadership, you will steer their careers, mentor and help train them. You will help them grow and respond to changes in the evolving web development landscape fostering an innovative yet business-like culture.

Despite any assumed hierarchy, this is a leadership position; it is your responsibility to ensure the overall success of the project by developing and propagating good team dynamics whilst working across all stages the project.

You will work with the business development team to propose the technical solution and initiate projects. You will also play a pivotal role in helping the Project Manager/Producer put together the necessary documentation to plan the project in its entirety and sell the solution in to the client. And in most cases during the lifecycle of the project you will be responsible for the technical build, which may include resourcing developers or you may fill the developer role yourself. In the latter case you would be almost entirely responsible for the delivery of the project.

Your role as a Frontend Engineer is to facilitate the production of highly technical projects. In order for your expertise and leadership to be properly utilised, you are likely to be paired with Project Managers/Producers with significantly less technical knowledge than you have. You are not expected to fulfil the typical project management functions but will support and mentor the Project Manager through difficult technical developments and plans. Your focus is on the technology architecture and delivering a successful technical solution, whereas the Project Manager will cover all aspects of project management including resource scheduling, contact reporting, sign-offs, invoicing, WIP reports, creative design management and 3rd party vendor relationships.

Your responsibility is to help initiate, plan and deliver highly technical projects through the studio.

Overall Role

  • You will work closely with the Account Lead (existing clients) or Business Development Director (new clients) to help plan and cost the frontend aspect of new technical projects.
  • You will be client-facing and be required to attend meetings, pitches, phone-conferences with clients and 3rd parties to represent the strong technical capabilities of Deepend.
  • You will be expected to have a broad and deep knowledge of the technology we propose that will fulfil the project needs. You will be expected to know, find or construct the right solution for the client brief.
  • You will manage task delegation to any front-end developers as required.
  • You will work with the Technical Director to ensure the right equipment is available including any new servers, services or tools. You will make the Account Manager aware of any custom development costs the client will have to pay due to special technology beyond Deepend’s shared development environment.
  • You will be expected to work closely and pro-actively with 3rd parties such as client technical teams or their technical suppliers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Frontend Solutions research
  • Frontend Solutions architecture and design
  • Prototyping and system testing
  • Quoting accurately
  • Project planning (joint)
  • Reporting to EP on project/team performance
  • Reporting to Technical Director on overall project/team performance
  • Ensuring technical team timesheets are correct
  • Q/A of deliverables
  • Escalation of critical issues
  • Delivering on time, on budget
  • Mentoring of all developers
  • Code reviews
  • Implementing standardisation of code


  • General / Broad concepts
    • Mobile first development
    • Solid understanding of Design Systems
    • Modern JS frameworks (Vue.js, React, Angular)
    • Modular / Component driven development
    • Mid / Advanced SASS & LESS
    • Familiar with CSS Utility frameworks
    • Vanilla CSS animation (transitions) + GSAP or similar
    • Strive for pixel perfect frontends
    • Headless CMS experience (highly regarded)
    • Ionic, React Native or Flutter (bonus)
  • Bundler engines
    Stencil (bonus)
  • Language Specific
    Vanilla JavaScript (not jQuery)
  • Other / Related
    Understanding of and experience working with Figma
    Working within .NET environment (Umbraco / editing CSHTML view files)
    Git flow version control (Bitbucket)
    Ability to follow pre-established coding patterns and practices 


  • “I enjoy staying up to date with development so I can always dive into the details”
  • “I want to be proud of the sites and applications we produce. We are modern-day craftsmen forging the cultural artefacts of our era.”
  • “I like to ensure things are right. From costings to security, patterns to page-load speed, efficiency to finesse – I’m going to pester people until they do the best they possibly can!”


In line with industry technical salaries commensurate to level of experience and breadth of skills.

  • Industry leading salary package to match your experience
  • Committed 1.5% of salary allowance to training and development
  • 5 weeks holiday for every 3 years of employment
  • 4 weeks annual ‘work from anywhere’ policy
  • Generous paid parental leave and innovative, positive return to work policy
  • ‘Positive Change Academy’ including regular ‘Lunch & Learns’ and guest presenters
  • Many and varied social events including our bi-annual ski trip
  • Regular off-sites focused on future developments and personal improvement
  • A family run business where your concerns are heard by people that listen and can enact change

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Deepend Group is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We believe that diversity is vital to our ability to provide our clients with the best recommendations and ideas and as a result we are committed to fostering a varied and inclusive work environment. Your race, colour, ancestry, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability have no bearing on our hiring decisions. If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If this sounds like you, and you want to learn more about us please send your CV and/or portfolio to:

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