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Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.
The notion that ideas are generated for 'Channels' is outdated, replaced by a landscape of literally millions of 'Intersections' where users can be found interfacing with technology (and media).
At Deepend we believe these Intersections form the basis of where brands can connect with their consumers and are the focus of how we apply our efforts, striving to make businesses more successful.

To complement this, we have refined our capabilities across two core service offerings:

Production Services / Connected

Website Development & Design

A user's presence at your site is voluntary and goal-driven - of their own volition they arrive to find out more.
Your website development and design has the potential to say more about your business than any other piece of marketing, with visitors spending longer browsing a site than they do watching a TV commercial, reading a press ad or glancing at a logo.
And most importantly, their presence at your site is voluntary and goal-driven – of their own volition they arrive to find out more.
Which is why Deepend insist on a user-centred design approach to website development and design. And we apply a variety of develpoment methodologies to achieve this, including our own adapted ‘Agile’ approach, along with Waterfall and Continuous Improvement. Both the interface and the technology supporting it are selected specifically to suit the needs of users, and accordingly bandwidth, environment, motivation and online literacy are all taken into account.
We understand how important it is for your brand’s personality to shine through the screen, but we also believe it must never be at the expense of user experience. And because of this approach our clients receive an online solution that makes sense to all - customers, business partners and internal teams.
And we've developmed websites for a variety of industries including travel and tourism, entertainment, consumer IT, fast-moving consumer goods, personal finance, fashion and healthcare.

Need to know more? Take a look at how our website development and design has delivered successful outcomes for our clients. 

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Client Services Director

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Managing Partner - Sydney

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