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Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.
The notion that ideas are generated for 'Channels' is outdated, replaced by a landscape of literally millions of 'Intersections' where users can be found interfacing with technology (and media).
At Deepend we believe these Intersections form the basis of where brands can connect with their consumers and are the focus of how we apply our efforts, striving to make businesses more successful.

To complement this, we have refined our capabilities across two core service offerings:

Consulting Services / Digital


Web Analytics

Deepend are leading the way in driving industry change by tangibly demonstrating the measurable value that web analytics can offer.
Traditionally radio, television and print mediums have measured the success of a campaign based on ‘reach’ ­– how far and wide a message can be blasted within budget.
But in today’s marketing environment reach isn’t enough to ensure the success of a campaign, activity or plan and it doesn’t really apply to digital – analytics and in particular web analytics, provide an alternate and more accurate measure of success.
At Deepend, we believe that all strategic marketing recommendations need to be rigorous, tested and have a high degree of certainty for success – which is why measurement, accountability and reporting are at the very heart of all our recommendations.
We don’t want our clients to see digital as an expense, so we are leading the way in driving industry change by tangibly demonstrating the measurable value and ROI that web analytics can offer.
Achieving this requires the implementation of some highly sophisticated analytical tools and techniques such as user segmentation, heat mapping technologies and A-B or multivariate testing.
By applying a new level of science to the creative processes at Deepend, we are ensuring that we’re not just being creative for creative’s sake – and in doing so we remove the subjectivity and guesswork from our recommendations.
The analytical reporting provided by Deepend ranges from one-off benchmarking to regular diagnostics which provide a ‘health check’ of performance across a consistent set of metrics. So whether your brand is aspiring to increase sales, advertising revenue or product knowledge, our varied and flexible approach to web analytics can help drive your success.
Deepend offer specialist expertise in the following areas:
  • Web analytics investigation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Sales/conversion analysis
  • Engagement rate analysis
  • Acquisition rate breakdown
  • Campaign exposure & reach
  • Landing page analysis & testing
  • ROI & conversion analysis
  • A/B or multivariate testing (forms, images, copy, CTA’s)
  • Real-time analysis (inc. heat mapping)
  • Path analysis
  • Goal conversion analysis
Find out more about driving online performance through website analytics and CRO and download an outline of how we'd structure a Website Analytics and CRO Audit to help better understand the data collected through your website.
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