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Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.
The notion that ideas are generated for 'Channels' is outdated, replaced by a landscape of literally millions of 'Intersections' where users can be found interfacing with technology (and media).
At Deepend we believe these Intersections form the basis of where brands can connect with their consumers and are the focus of how we apply our efforts, striving to make businesses more successful.

To complement this, we have refined our capabilities across two core service offerings:

Consulting Services / Product

Product Innovation

Our services enable brands to utilise the web as much more than a marketing platform, by introducing product innovations that encourage social engagement and richer business analytics.
New technologies are emerging rapidly, user expectations are maturing quickly and thriving online societies are withering and vanishing – so how do you keep your product up-to-date and competitive?
At Deepend, we actively and passionately follow the seemingly endless stream of new opportunities presented by online, social, audio-visual and real-world technology. And in fact, we are often the ones driving that innovation.
We love the challenge of helping businesses evolve their products and services in order to benefit from digital technology – and we address this in many ways including feasibility studies, creative workshops, analytics, market reports and the evaluation of new technologies.
Deepend is experienced at enhancing a variety of existing systems with internet services – ranging from legacy Point of Sale (POS) software and ticketing and fulfilment platforms to modern day kitchen appliances. Our services enable brands to utilise the web as much more than a marketing platform, by introducing product innovations that encourage social engagement and richer business analytics.
We assist businesses with integrations, and provide remote interfaces as well as building middleware layers to safely couple existing systems to the internet.
And software services are just one element of our product innovation. We are increasingly witnessing an exciting growth in the ‘internet of things’, with more and more devices and physical appliances connecting to the internet – and in the process providing us with a dizzy array of possibilities for creative product evolution.
Deepend can guide you through the digital enabling aspect of your product development cycle with the application of technology evaluation; feasibility studies; and up-to-date advice on emerging technologies and associated markets. And we can help you evolve your product to take advantage of the next generation of internet services with creative workshops; technical prototypes; and research and development.
Need to know more about the ‘internet of things’ or how Deepend’s product innovation expertise has helped our clients succeed? Take a look at some of our case studies to get a glimpse.
The Internet of Things
One of the most exciting new digital developments Deepend are following and driving is the ‘internet of things’.
Brought about by the convergence of well-established and pervasive internet technologies; the smart mobile revolution; and the explosion in user-friendliness and social relevance of apps and devices, the internet of things is bringing to life the urban dream of an intelligent home.
Deepend are currently working closely with household brands to develop next-generation household products that will bring the internet ‘out of the screen’ and into the real world.
Some initiatives gaining commercial momentum are poised to blur the augmented-reality boundary and enable a ‘screen-less’ interface into devices and internet services. These include near field communication (NFC), gesture and face-tracking, and digital paper and micro-projectors.

And if you combine a Natural User Interface (NUI) with the power of countless public APIs, a social network, analytics and a solid business SOA ­– we believe you have a seriously enabled appliance.

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