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Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.
The notion that ideas are generated for 'Channels' is outdated, replaced by a landscape of literally millions of 'Intersections' where users can be found interfacing with technology (and media).
At Deepend we believe these Intersections form the basis of where brands can connect with their consumers and are the focus of how we apply our efforts, striving to make businesses more successful.

To complement this, we have refined our capabilities across two core service offerings:

Consulting Services / Creative

Media Planning

Deepend employ continual optimisation activity, which incorporates learnings from actual user behaviours to ensure campaigns are continually aligned to their objectives.
Traditional approaches to media planning have fast become obsolete. Standard tactics involving scattergun ‘reach’, faceless ‘impressions’ and hopeful ‘awareness’ have finally been replaced with considered strategies that prioritise individual needs over segment generalisations.
At Deepend, we pride ourselves on having never approached media planning like a traditional media agency. We greatly respect the intelligence and sophistication of today’s consumer, and our effectiveness is ensured through an intimate knowledge of those individuals within a brand’s target audience.
We employ continual optimisation activity which incorporates learnings from actual user behaviours to ensure campaign is continually aligned to their objectives ­– with targeting, creative and bids adapted according to how your users react.
And because at Deepend we respect the needs of businesses as much as we respect the needs of their audience, we offer flexibility. Which means we can manage all of your media needs centrally or we can share our insights and recommendations with your incumbent media agency.
Deepend offer specialist expertise in the following areas:
  • Target audience definition
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Concept generation
  • Implementation planning
  • Ongoing effectiveness testing and optimisation
  • CPC bid management and optimisation
  • Media optimisation
  • Media / Network briefing

Find out more about leveraging the power of data to optimise your Digital Media Strategy and download an outline of how we'd structure a DIgital Media Audit for your business.

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