Selling Ads to Adskimos

Promoting local advertising sales to interstate marketers


Fairfax sought to bolster the profile of the Sydney Morning Herald amongst Melbourne-based media agencies, clients, and direct advertisers.

Deepend was commissioned to produce a 15 minute corporate video to provide a dynamic overview of the paper, providing a showcase of its readership and to ultimately bolster the profile of the paper to Melbourne based audiences illustrating to them the unique kinship Sydney readers have with the paper. 


Deepend worked closely with Fairfax to gather many different elements that would form the content for this AV. Interviews with key staff members of the Sydney Morning Herald along with interviews with their clients gave insights into the running and working relationship with the paper. Further to this, vox pops around Sydney were conducted to gather an honest opinion of its readership and this was complemented by animated graphs illustrating research data compiled by Roy Morgan. 


Project was well received.

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Selling Ads to Adskimos