Sydney Morning Herald

Premier's Reading Challenge

Rewarding Readers With A Rich Digital Experience


Fairfax wanted to replace a printed newspaper insert with a digital marketing campaign to promote the Premier's Reading Challenge. The challenge, which is run each year from February to August, draws over 200,000 NSW students from Kindergarten through to Year 9. With such a large number of participants, the process of printing each name in a specially produced insert becomes a particularly costly exercise.


Deepend proposed a digital honour roll in the form of a personalised animated video. The video, a faux news piece about mysterious flying books disappearing from bookstores across the state, concluded with an aerial shot of Uluru. In this final shot, the flying books converged into the shape of letters spelling out the student’s name, ultimately honouring their participation in the challenge. 

In an effort to monetise the potential traffic to the site, users could optionally purchase a print version of the story; a Sun-Herald front page poster featuring a story about the PRC and the student’s name spelt out in books.  


The end result is an engaging site that offers each PRC participant a personalised experience. One third of visitors to the site viewed the personalised video, with 11% of these going on the purchase a poster.