Grill'd 'Food Philosophy' microsite

Grill'd 'Food Philosophy' microsite


Grill’d are a food brand that prides itself of making good quality, gourmet burgers that are healthy. Grill’d have 65+ restaurants across Australia but do not want to be seen as a large burger chain. Rather, each restaurant is proud to genuinely be part of the local community. Grill’d wanted to shine a spotlight on both their quality ingredients and local suppliers, as well as provide an explanation of the Grill’d healthy eating philosophy.


In responding to the brief, Deepend worked from the proposition that the online solution must tell the stories of the individual Grill'd ingredients as part of the broader Grill’d philosophy. 
The concept selected by Grill’d’ for development was a 'behind the scenes' user experience (UX) of the Grill'd website. We designed an interactive landscape using a combination of illustration and photography to bring to life the ingredients and story. This image was overlaid over a Google map which allows the user to drag and drop to navigate around the page to learn about the Grill’d suppliers, animals and fresh produce, clicking to display more nutritional information about the individual ingredients (e.g. tomatoes, pomegranates).
Grill’d customers feel like VIPs when they click on the red rope from the Grill’d homepage to trigger a slide back transition that reveals the Food Philosophy website. The single page website is fully loaded in the initial page load, and as the user starts to explore the page zones are replaced with new page fragments loaded from server on demand, making the experience continuous and fluid for the user.



The Food Philosophy website has been a big hit with Grill’d website visitors since launch in August 2013, with 62.88% of the visitors to the main Grill’d site clicking on the pull up rope to reveal the ‘behind the scenes’ website!  

63% of Grill'd visitors
go 'behind the scenes'